A Customer list is a static list of customers. When you upload a customer list, if a customer in the customer list does not exist in Blueshift, a profile is created.

 You can use customer lists for different reasons. For example:

  • To add additional customers not already added in Blueshift.
  • Withhold a randomly selected set of customers from being messaged for purpose of a "control" group.
  • Use in a segment to simply send an email to an externally generated list of emails.

Note: You cannot use a customer list to add or update customer attributes. To add or update attributes for customers, upload data from Customer Data > Profiles in the left navigation.

Data format

  • A customer list must be a .txt file with one email or customer_id per row.
  • Do not include any headers.
  • Do not include any attributes.

View customer lists

To view uploaded customer lists or customer lists created from segments, go to Customers Data > Lists.

You can view, edit, or remove a customer list.

You can also export a customer list in CSV format to your email address.


You cannot remove a customer list that is being used in an active segment or active campaign.


View customer list details

Click a list or click Edit in the actions menu to view the list details.

The Properties tab shows the customer list detail and also lists the campaigns and segments that the customer list is used in.


Update customer list name

After you create customer lists, either by uploading a list or from a segment, you can edit the name of the list.

When you view the customer list, go to the Properties tab and click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the list name.


Upload a customer list

To upload a customer list, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Customer Data > Lists and click +CUSTOMER LIST > File Upload.
  2. Select the File to upload. For file and data format, see Customer data format.
  3. Modify the Name for the list as required.
  4. Select the customer Identifier that you are using to identify customers.
  5. Sample data is fetched from the file.
  6. Verify the sample data.
  7. Add a Description.
  8. Click Upload.


Update customer list

You can update an existing customer list to add more customers or to delete customers from the list.

Note: You cannot add or delete customers from a customer list that is created from a segment. 

To update a customer list, complete the following steps:

  1. When you view the customer list, go to the Update Customer List tab.
  2. Select the File that has the list of customers.
  3. Select the option to either Append to the list or Delete from the list.
  4. Sample data is fetched from the file.
  5. Verify the sample data.
  6. Click Update.


Create a customer list from a segment

You can split any segment into randomized lists and target different campaign variants at different lists.

For more information, see Split segments into lists.


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