When you create a segment of transactions, you can access the details for a specific transaction record in addition to the details for a user profile.

When you create either a basic or an advanced segment of transactions, specify the transaction model that is the target of the segmentation query.


Example: Basic Segment of transactions

This segment targets users for the "orders" transaction model.

The target of the transaction is displayed in the segment editor at all times so that you can easily identify which entity (user or transaction) the segment targets.

In the following example, High Value Orders, there are two conditions:

  • A User attribute condition that targets users who live in the city of San Francisco.
  • A Transactions condition to target users who have purchased "Apparel" and for whom the revenue is greater than or equal to 100.

Some use cases for this segment include advertising a discount, promo code, or the announcement of a new product.


Example: Advanced segment of transactions

This segment targets users for the "Hotel Booking" transaction model.



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