You can precompute segments for scheduled campaigns (one-time or recurring) before the campaign execution time. When you precompute a segment, the segment is processed, the segment members are calculated and the segment membership data is written to a file in an Amazon S3 folder. This list of segment members is used during campaign execution. By using precomputed segments, you can improve the execution latency of the campaign. Examples of segments that you can precompute counts for include daily newsletters or daily offers.

To enable the precompute feature for your account, contact

Considerations for using precomputed segments

  • With precomputed segments, the segment count or membership is calculated in advance. The pre-calculated audience might not match the actual audience at the time the campaign is scheduled to run. Hence, it is recommended that you use precomputed segments only if the segments do not change too much over the course of a day.
  • You might send a message to users who are no longer a part of the segment during campaign execution time.
  • The campaign might miss users who are a part of the segment at execution time but were not part of the pre-calculated audience.
  • If both Campaign Precompute and Segment Precompute are enabled, at campaign execution time, the precomputed campaign takes precedence over the precomputed segment.
  • If the Campaign Precompute is still in progress, but Segment Precompute is completed, then Segment Precompute data is used for the campaign.
  • If both Campaign Precompute and Segment Precompute are in progress, the campaign will use the precompute which completes first.

Campaign Precompute

With Campaign Precompute, segment membership calculation starts at a certain time before the campaign is scheduled to run. At this time, Campaign Precompute is supported for one-time and recurring campaigns only. It is not supported for scheduled segment triggered campaigns.

When Campaign Precompute is enabled, segment calculation is automatically triggered for ALL one-time & recurring campaigns that meet the following criteria:

  • Campaigns that are in launched.
  • Campaigns where segments have more than 250,000 users.

Precompute time

Segment membership calculation starts at a certain time before the campaign's scheduled execution time. This time is calculated as follows:

(<# of users in segment>/1,000,000) * 60 minutes before the campaign's scheduled execution time

You must consider the time required to compute the segment when you schedule your campaign so that the campaign can trigger at the correct time. If a segment is still being processed at the time the campaign is scheduled for execution, the campaign is delayed until calculations are completed.

Segment Precompute

With Segment Precompute, you can precompute an individual segment. The members in a segment are calculated once a day. Segment Precompute is usually used if you are unable to create and launch campaigns ahead of time.

To enable the precompute for a particular segment, contact

You must provide the following information to enable precompute for a segment:

  • Scheduled time for running the segment precompute.
  • The time window during which this precomputed segment can be used. Usually this should be at least 1 day.

Precompute Fallback

With precompute fallback, in cases where the current precompute is not completed, you can use the last list of calculated segment members for your campaign.

To enable the precompute fallback feature, contact

  • Use this feature only if it is more important to get the message to your users and it is alright to miss sending the message to the most recently added users.
  • Precompute fallback is more useful for recurring campaigns. One-time campaigns might not have a previously completed campaign precompute unless you are also using segment precompute.

To enable precompute fallback for a  campaign, go to the campaign Properties tab > Messaging Preferences and select Fallback to Previous Precompute.

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