To create a campaign journey, go to the Campaigns index page, click +CAMPAIGN. Add a Name for your campaign and click CREATE CAMPAIGN.


The Campaign Studio opens on the Journey Tab.

Start Trigger

The Journey start trigger is the starting point for a journey. Every outbound campaign will have a start trigger. When you create a campaign, it contains only the start trigger.

The start trigger specifies who (which user) can enter the journey.

Segment Based Campaigns

For segment based campaigns, i.e. one-time, recurring, and segment triggered campaigns, you must specify a segment. If a user meets the segment criteria, they will qualify for the journey.

You can view the true count of eligible users for the selected segment in the start node of the journey builder.


Action Based Campaigns

For action based campaigns, i.e. event triggered campaigns, you must specify the action which will cause a user to enter the journey. You can select from (a) an API call, (b) an event or (c) an interest alert.


Global Campaign Filter

  • If you select an event as the journey trigger criteria, you also have the option to specify a set of filter criteria that will be applied to all triggers in the journey using an AND logic.
  • You can use attributes from the triggering event or from the customer in the filter criteria.
  • These filters aren’t available for API or interest alert triggered journeys.


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