Kenect is a messaging platform that connects businesses with their customers. Kenect builds simple texting tools that are elegant and easy-to-use. With the Kenect platform to text your customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from your websites, video chat, and collect payments. Our integration with Kenect allows you to send an SMS to your customers via Kenect.


It is important that all your customer phone numbers are saved in the E.164 standard.

Tracked events

If you use Kenect integrated with Blueshift to send SMSes from a campaign, we can track:

  • SMSes sent from a campaign journey
  • Links clicked in an SMS if links use Blueshift URL shortener.

Before you begin

Before you can set up integration with Blueshift, you must have your Kennect account set up.

Complete the following settings in Kennect before you set up integration with Blueshift:

Location IDs

Kenect platform sends SMSes to your customers using various locations. In order to use the best location to send an SMS to your customer, Kenect requires a location ID for each customer. For more information, see the Kenect documentation.

Before you can start sending SMSes using Kenect you must complete the following steps:

  • Assign a locationId to each customer that you add to Blueshift as part of any attribute of the customer profile. The locationId that you assign to a customer must exist in Kenect.
  • Provide this customer attribute when you create an adapter in Blueshift for Kenect.

Set up integration

To integrate Kenect with Blueshift, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Blueshift app, and click Apps in the left navigation menu.
  2. Go to All Apps, search for, and select Kenect.
  3. You can also go to SMS Apps and select Kenect.
  4. Click Configure to view all the configured adapters.
  5. Click +ADAPTER to add an adapter.
  6. Add a Name for the adapter.  If you have multiple adapters, the adapter name helps you to identify the integration.
  7. Provide the following details for integration:


Field Description
API Key API key from your Kenect account.
API Token API token from your Kenect account.
Location attribute The user attribute that contains the Location ID for the customer.

Next steps

  1. Create an SMS template for your messages.
  2. In your campaign journey, add an SMS trigger. On the SMS tab of the trigger, go to Send Settings and specify Kennect as the App and select the adapter that you just created.
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