Blueshift provides information on the features that are a part of your plan and how your account is using those features. Based on the settings of your account, you can access the Plan and Usage information from the account menu (available on the top right side of the page). 


The Plan and Usage page provides information about the channels and features enabled for your account as well as the Fair usage policy for your account.

Fair use and data retention policy

The fair use policy sets forth Blueshift’s expectations for the fair use of our systems in order to protect the integrity and stability of our service. Exceeding these limits will incur additional costs.

The data retention policy outlines how event data is indexed for segmentation.

After you log into the Blueshift app, you can access the Fair use policy by using this URL:

For the EU region, use this URL:

Usage information

You can also view information such as the total number of users of your service, monthly active users, number of known users, number of messages sent across channels, and more. 


Here’s a list of metrics that you may find on this page. The exact set of metrics depends on your contract with Blueshift. All metrics are computed on a monthly basis.

Known User Users with a known and reachable identifier. For e.g. email address or customer ID.
Anonymous Users Users with a cookie or device ID but no reachable identifier (email address or customer ID).
Total Users Total number of known and anonymous users. (known users: users with an email address/customer_id. anonymous users: users with just a cookie or device_id). 
  • Blueshift does not double count users who have cookie or device ID along with email address or customer ID.
  • Anonymous users with only a cookie are purged if there is no activity in a month.
  • Purged anonymous users and deleted users do not count towards total users.
Total Known Users Users with a known and reachable identifier (email or customer_id). Deleted users do not count towards total known users.
Monthly Active Customers

Known profiles with any outbound activity in a given month.

Outbound activity includes any message sent (email, push, and so on) or any record syndicated.

Monthly Active Users Known and anonymous users with any event activity or click in a given month. For example:
  • Identify call events would be counted towards monthly active users.
  • Sends and opens wouldn’t necessarily be counted towards monthly active users.
Monthly Active Profiles Users with:
  • A known and reachable identifier (email or customer_id or phone_number or device_id), and
  • Active behavior in the month (a message sent or has an event or syndication).
Monthly Known Users Known users with:
  • A known and reachable identifier (email or customer_id or phone_number or device_id), and
  • Any event in the last month.
Ex-Safari Monthly active users excluding anonymous Safari users.
Emails Sent The total number of emails sent (includes the emails that bounced or got reported as spam).
Bcc Emails Sent Total number of emails sent including the number of people in the BCC list.
Push Sent Total number of push notifications sent across mobile (iOS and Android) devices.
In App Sent Total number of in-app messages sent on mobile (iOS and Android) devices.
SMS Sent Total number of SMS messages sent.
MMS Sent Total number of MMS messages sent.
Cloud App Calls Total number of calls that our platform made to a configured cloud app as a part of a trigger that got executed.
API Calls Total number of API calls to our platform.
Live Content Calls Total number of API calls to our platform for a live content campaign.
Events Total number of events (such as purchase, add_to_cart etc) that our platform processed.
Dashboard Seats Total number of the users of your account who can sign in to the Blueshift app and use its features.
Active Syndications

Total number of the active native syndications.

A syndication is considered active for a given month if it was in the ‘Launched’ state for any day in the month.

Liveramp Syndication Identities Total number of active users of your service that our platform syndicated to one of the LiveRamp powered integrations (all other paid media platform integrations except Facebook, Google, and Criteo).


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