Transaction Mixins for Advanced Segments

Transaction mixins are advanced reference segments that are limited to using only transaction criteria. You can use a transaction mixin to consolidate a commonly used chunk of transaction query logic into a single place. Transaction mixins can be added only to advanced segments.

With advanced segments, you can create AND, OR, and NOT groupings and nest groupings within groupings. For example, consider the following transaction mixin segment. This segment uses a mix of OR and AND statements.

  • Users who are part of the transaction event "lists".
  • Who have purchased an item with the list code equal to abc.
  • Who have email status as active OR the email is a valid email.


Create a transaction mixin segment

To create a transaction mixin segment, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Segment index page, click +Segment.


  2. Select Transaction Mixin as the type of segment.
  3. Select the transaction on which to segment users.
  4. Add a Name for the segment.

    The segment is created.

  5. Add the required logic that you want to reuse.
  6. Save the segment.

Use a mixin in an advanced segment

To include a transaction mixin segment in an advanced segment, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the advanced segment.
  2. Click the “Include a transaction mixin” icon.
  3. Select the transaction mixin to include.
  4. Add any additional logic as required.
  5. Save the segment.

Click "show query" in the query summary to view the logic for the included transaction mixin.


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