You can create image messaging templates in two ways: upload your own designs or use Blueshift's built-in AI to generate images. We are using OpenAI's DALL-E 3 model on the backend. 

Add an image

Follow these steps to add an image template:

  1. Navigate to Templates > Images.
  2. Click +TEMPLATE.
  3. In the Upload Image popup, choose an option to select how you want to upload the image:

    a. Upload a file: Directly upload the image file from your computer (click or drag & drop).
    b. Provide the image URL: Copy and paste the web URL of the image into the text box. (Allowed filetypes: jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, gif)
    c. Create image using AI: Type in a prompt describing the image you want to generate into the text box. Tap Generate Image. Blueshift will generate an image that tries to match your description. You can tweak the prompt and continue generating the image until you're satisfied with the result. 

  4. Provide a name for the image, and click the Create Image button below to create the image template.

Manage images

You can edit the image metadata, get the image URL and remove (delete) an image instance from the Images dashboard.

When you click on an image on the 'images' dashboard/ index screen, it will open the image detail screen, where you can view the image preview as well as the metadata associated with the image. The filename and image dimensions (in pixels) are automatically read during image upload and displayed as image metadata.

You can define the image type as either Logo or Other.

You can also assign a tag and/or a tag folder to the image. To learn how to use tags, you can refer to this document.

To delete an image, click the red X button. 

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