Catalog import tasks and status

You can access all catalog import tasks from the catalog index page. Go to Catalog in the left navigation. The catalog import tasks are displayed.

Click any catalog import task to search for uploaded catalog items.


Import task status and details

On the catalog index page, you can view the catalog import tasks and filter them as required. Consider the following points about the catalog import tasks:

  • You can view the status for any catalog import task. The status can be Draft, Launched, Paused, or Completed.
  • The status tool tip provides additional information about the last execution status for each active task.
  • Color codes indicate the success or failure of the last import.
    • Green indicates that all records in the last import were imported successfully.

    • Yellow indicates that partial records in the last import were imported successfully.

    • Red indicates that no records in the last import were imported successfully.

  • The columns Last Processed, Item count, Number of Rows, Successfully imported, and Errors provide information for the last run for a recurring task.
  • For any task where all the records were not processed, you can download the Error report from the actions menu.
  • Use the actions menu to View, Archive, Remove, or Export a catalog.

Edit catalog import tasks

When you view the list of catalog import tasks, you can use the actions menu to Edit the task.

  • You can edit an import task that is in Draft status.
  • You can also Pause a launched task and then edit it.

Note: Tasks created using the previous UI (before March 2023) cannot be edited no matter the state, except for draft tasks where you are importing data from Snowflake.

Notifications for import tasks

When you set up an import task, you can set up Notification Preferences to send a notification email to the specified email addresses when there is a change in the status of the task or when a certain percentage of records fail during import.

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