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mPulse Mobile delivers solutions that you can use to reach your customers over a range of channels such as call centers, email, text messaging, portals, apps, and physical mail. Our integration with mPulse allows you to send an SMS to your customers via mPulse.


If you use mPulse integrated with Blueshift to send SMSes from a campaign, we can track:

  • SMSes sent from a campaign journey
  • Links clicked in an SMS

Setup integration

Perform the following steps to integrate mPulse with Blueshift:

  1. On the Blueshift app, navigate to the Setup channels page.
  2. On the Setup Channels page, choose Mpulse on the left panel, click +ADD ADAPTER and provide the following information on the mPulse adapter page:

    Alias name The identifier of the integration.
    Username Specify the API username in this field. Reach out to your mPulse account manager to get the API username.
    Password Specify the API password in this field. Reach out to your mPulse account manager to get the API password.
    Account ID Specify the mPulse account ID that you can find under the Account tab:
    List ID Specify the mPulse list ID that you use in the campaign. Get in touch with your account manager to setup a list and get the list ID. 
    Event Name Specify the event name that you use to trigger a campaign in mPulse.
  3. Save your configuration.  


Share the following webhook URL with your mPulse account manager and ask them to set it up for your mPulse account. You need to set up this webhook URL in your mPulse account so that our platform can receive subscription/un-subscription call backs from mPulse.


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