Managing Unsubscribes

Blueshift automatically unsubscribes users when they click on the unsubscribe link in footer or headers in the email. However, there may be scenarios where you may want to manually unsubscribe user(s). You can accomplish this few ways.

1. Single user unsubscribe

2. User attribute upload

3. User API

4. Identify Event


1 - Single User Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe a single user, simply search for the user in the Customer Attribute page. Click on Edit drop-down menu and check the Unsubscribed flag on the profile page.




2 - User Attribute Upload

  • Prepare a csv with email/customer_id and unsubscribed (true)
  • Upload file via customer attribute process


  • cURL
 curl  -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"email":"", "unsubscribed": "true"}' -u <USER_API_KEY>:


4 - Identify

Refer to the Identify event to pass unsubscribed status of a user


5 - Self-Hosted Unsubscribe Pages

In a self-hosted unsubscribe page setup, where users are directed to custom url instead of {{unsubscribe_link}}, a simple way to record the unsubscribe action in Blueshift and make sure that campaign attribution is preserved is to pass the unsubscribe_link as a url parameter.

For example:

<a bsft-no-track href="{{user.customer_id}}&bsft_unsub={{unsubscribe_link | url_encode}}">Unsubscribe<a>
Note: "bsft-no-track" must be present on the link in order for this to work.

The backend handling this request will need to decode the bsft_unsub parameter and make a request to that url. This will simulate a user clicking the link directly in their email, and preserves the attribution of the unsubscribe action to the particular experiment, trigger and campaign involved with the message.


Unsubscribed attributes: 

unsubscribed_at (This is set automatically when we receive the unsubscribed event)
Standard Attributes
*You can add any custom attributes you want on the user to manager your subscriptions


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