You can get near real-time views and reports in the campaign dashboard, including being able to:

  • View, customize various statistics (users, impressions, clicks. etc) and see trends for specific time frames across all channels.
  • Export summary and detail level campaign data for specific time frames.
  • Separate views/stats for based on campaign status (launched, draft, paused, completed, all).


View scheduled campaigns

Users can also view a calendar of scheduled one-time and recurring campaigns using the Scheduled Status filter.

  • By default, the Any Scheduled Status option is selected that lists all the launched campaigns (campaigns that are scheduled to run in the future, campaigns that are running, and campaigns that have completed a run).
  • Select the Scheduled option to filter all the launched one-time and recurring campaigns with a scheduled run in the future.
  • Sort the campaigns according to the next scheduled run using the Next Scheduled column.


Campaign Metrics

You can select up to 10 metrics (standard, custom goals or compound) to display in the dashboard. A popup will appear to let you select metrics you're interested in, as well as create your own compound metrics that are a ratio of two base metrics.

The metrics are defined at the account level. For example, if you rename a compound metric, the change will be reflected for all users in your account.


Overall Campaign Performance Reports

There are two types of reports available from within the Campaign Dashboard. Click the Export Data icon to download these reports.

  • Summary - Individual campaign level stats for the selected time period.
  • Detail - Individual campaign level stats broken down by each day of the selected time period.


You can access these reports on the campaign index screen, the campaign detail screen, and the trigger detail screen.


You can reorder columns in the report. For more information, see Adjusting the core metrics.

Example of a Campaign Summary Report


Example of a Campaign Detail Report


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