You can export campaign activity data for all your launched campaigns. You can then use this data to update analytics or route the data to other partners you may be using.


Type of campaign activity Destination Description
Campaign execution status Via webhooks For an event-triggered campaign, when a customer meets the criteria for a trigger, Blueshift sends a message to the integrated app. The outcome of this send, whether it was successful or unsuccessful, can be exported to a webhook.
Selected campaign activity
  • mParticle
  • Mixpanel
  • Custom webhook URL
Blueshift can export selected campaign activity each time your customer interacts with a marketing message. Depending on the events that you select for export, Blueshift sends a notification each time the event occurs.
All campaign activity Blueshift also exports all the raw campaign actions (sent, delivered, opened, and so on) from your campaigns in the form of campaign activity reports which give you lots of valuable information to track and measure the performance of your campaigns.
Via APIs Use Blueshift's APIs to export detailed reports for a specific campaign.
Via APIs Use Blueshift's APIs to export the performance data of all the campaigns for a given date range.
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