Segment Conditions and Operators

Before diving deeper into our powerful segmentation tool, its helpful to understand how conditions and operators work in Blueshift. 



Conditions are the logical building blocks of a segment. Segments are composed of one or more conditions. Each condition describes a particular activity and/or set of attributes, which a user must match in order to be included in the segment.

When a condition is added to a segment, it has to belong to a logical grouping. There are three possible groups (ALL, ANY, NONE)



The type of search you can do on an attribute is determined by the attribute type. Please find the supported operators for each attribute type below:

Note: Your first payload determines the data type of your attribute

1. String

Supported operations

  • is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • *contains
  • *does not contain
  • is empty
  • is not empty
  • *begins with
  • *ends with


  • Please use the regex comparisons (marked with *) with caution, frequency queries on regex's can slow down the performance of your cluster
  • is empty matches both nil/null and empty values


2. Numbers

Supported operations

  • is equal
  • is not equal to
  • is greater than
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to 
  • is greater than or equal to 
  • is missing
  • is empty
  • is not empty


3. Dates

Supported operations

  • between fixed windows
    • You can choose specific start and end dates
  • between moving windows
    • You can choose relative dates (past and future) in minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ months/ forever
    • Relative dates start from beginning of the first time period to the end of the next time period
  • within past
    • can be used to look back Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months from now




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