Blueshift offers a variety of account admin tools to configure and customize your platform.

To access Account Settings, click the hamburger menu next to your user name and then click Account Settings. From the account settings, you can set up company information, access API keys, view Blueshift provided Amazon S3 bucket details and so on.

API Keys

Depending on your access level, you can view API Keys from the API keys tab under Account Settings.


  • Event API key - Use this key to sign your events.
  • User API key - Use this key to read/write all your account data programmatically. You can manually regenerate your User API key. The current User API key expires as soon as you generate a new key.
  • Event API key - Use this key to sign your events if event verification is enabled for your account.
  • Event verification key and Event signatures generation algorithm - If event verification is enabled for your account, you can see your event verification key and the option to select an algorithm that you can use to generate event signatures. For more information, see Event verification (signed events).


If you generate a new key, ensure that all your scripts use the new key.

Amazon S3 bucket

Blueshift uses the Blueshift Customer bucket in AWS to store data, reports, audit trail logs, and so on.

You can find the Amazon S3 Folder Details on the API keys tab under Account Settings. Use this information to read/write content from your S3 folder.

S3 bucket: bsft-customers/<site_name>/

  • The account Admin role can access the S3 folder credentials.
  • You can manually regenerate your S3 Folder Access key. The S3 Folder Access key expires after 30 days of generating a new one.

Note: If you are assigned an Admin role, you might receive an email to regenerate the S3 Folder Access key. If you are not using the S3 Folder Access key, you don't have to regenerate it.

Company Information

Enter appropriate information about your organization in the Company Information tab.


You must provide the Time Zone and Currency information. The default time zone is UTC and the default currency is USD.


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