Before you use this message template in a campaign, you can test it in the following ways:

Note: To test dynamic content in your template that relies on campaign or adapter information, for example, link tracking parameters, you can test send a message from the trigger in the journey builder.

Preview template

An in-app message preview is generated for a specific user. 

Select user for preview

To select a user for preview, click the user selected and search for a user.

  • You can search for a user by their attributes or by a segment they are a member of.
  • Use the arrows to select the previous or next user from the search results.
  • The push message preview is displayed for the user that you select.


Send a test message

To test what the text message looks like on a mobile device and to preview the personalized content, you can send a test message to multiple users from the Test Send tab of the In-app Studio.

To send the test in-app message, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the identifier that you want to use to identify the user. You can specify either Email addresses, Customer IDs, Phone Numbers, Cookies, or Device IDs.
  2. Based on the identifier selected, add the information for the users to whom the test message is to be sent. 

    For example, if you select User UUID as the identifier, add the User UUID of the person to whom the notification is to be sent. If you select Phone number as the identifier, add the phone number of the person to whom the notification is to be sent.

  3. Select the App that is to be used to send the message.
  4. Click Send. The preview in-app message is sent for the selected preview user.


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