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Tracked events

By integrating Instapage and Blueshift you can send data about newly generated leads from Instapage to Blueshift. 



Integration of Instapage and Blueshift is done via Zapier. You must have an Instapage account and a Zapier account.

Build a zap to send your data from Instapage to Blueshift

To set up a zap to send data from Intapage to Blueshift, complete the following steps:

  1. In Zapier, go to Zaps and click Create Zap.
  2. Click Trigger to add the event that starts your Zap.
  3. For App Event, search for and select Instapage.


  4. For Trigger Event, select Form Submission. Click Continue. An event will be triggered when a new form is submitted in Instapage.


  5. Sign in to Instapage. For more information, see the Instapage documentation for Integrating with Zapier.
  6. Select the page that you wish to connect to and click Continue.
  7. Click Action.
  8. For App Event, search for and select Blueshift.


  9. For Action Event, select Send an Event. Click Continue.


  10. Select the Blueshift connection or add a new Blueshift connection
  11. In the Set up Action section, map the fields from the Instapage form that you want to send to Blueshift.
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