With Blueshift, you can archive entities such as campaigns, segments, syndications, recommendations and templates. Use this feature to declutter the index screens and see entities that you actively use. The option to archive an entity is available on its index page.

Here's an example of how to archive a campaign:


To see the list of archived campaigns, we have added a filter that you can use. 


You can use this filter to see the list of campaigns that are archived. You can restore the archived campaigns from this list. 



You can use similar steps to archive campaigns, segments, syndications, recommendations, and templates. There are a few caveats to archival: 

  • Based on what you choose to archive, if another entity is using it, you can't archive it. Our platform stops you from archiving a template that an active campaign is using. You can only archive templates that are either referenced in archived campaigns or are not referenced at all by any campaign. Similarly, our platform can stop you from archiving a segment that an active campaign is using.  
  • The other way around holds true as well. Based on what you choose to restore, if a linked entity is archived then you can't restore it. For example, you want to restore a campaign that uses a segment. However, the segment is archived too. In such a case, our platform stops you from restoring the campaign. To make this work, you can restore the segment first and then you can restore the campaign.
  • Similarly, our platform can stop you from archiving or restoring a syndication that's linked to a segment, or a recommendation that's linked to a template. 

If you choose Any Archived Status in the filter, you can differentiate between archived and non-archived entities using a visual indicator that we have added on the UI. 


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