Blueshift supports the ability to capture leads from 3rd party forms using Webhooks. 

Blueshift has built-in support for OptinMonster, Gleam, and can be extended to other lead capture systems with Webhook calls. 

Tracked events

You can use lead capture forms to capture signups on your website, exit intent or lead ads from 3rd party sources such as Facebook. Blueshift can ingest a Webhook call with custom JSON payload and capture attributes such as email address, other relevant CRM attributes and update the customer profile.


You will need a custom webhook in Blueshift and a webhook ID. Contact support@blueshift.com for this. 

OptinMonster configuration

1. Use a Blueshift custom webhook to enable the OptinMonster webhook integration. For more infomation, see https://optinmonster.com/docs/how-to-connect-optinmonster-with-a-webhook/
Each webhook call will create a lead_generated event in Blueshift with the relevant attributes captured.
Here is an example of a custom webhooks for the integration of your lead event. 
2. After you enable the integration, your lead event is mapped to a Blueshift event.
Sample event from OptinMonster:
   "lead": {
      "email": "hello@optinmonster.com",
      "firstName": "Archie",
      "lastName": "Monster",
      "phone": "888-888-8888",
      "ipAddress": "",
      "referrer": "https://optinmonster.com"
   "campaign": {
      "id": "nppjcagohkl4bx3w1zln",
      "title": "Demo (Popup)",
This would get translated to the following event in Blueshift: 
  "event": "lead_generated",
  "email": "hello@optinmonster.com",
  "firstname": "Archie",
  "lastName": "Monster",
  "phone_number": "888-888-8888",
  "ip": ""
  "campaign_id": "nppjcagohkl4bx3w1zln"
  "title": "Demo (Popup)",
  "referrer": "https://optinmonster.com"

Blueshift can support other Lead form integrations.


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