You can host a custom form with Blueshift to let your customers manage their communication preferences. Blueshift provides a default unsubscribe page which provides a very basic functionality that lets your customers set their "unsubscribed" attribute to true or false.

If you want to customize the branding and enable customers update attributes beyond "unsubscribed", you'll want to define your own custom html form.

For more information about how to capture data from external or self hosted forms, see Form Tracking.


To enable customer preference forms for your account, contact

Before you begin

A whitelabel host name (CNAME) must be configured in order to use preference forms.

Access the form editor

  1. Go to the Account Settings > Other Settings tab.
  2. Go to Custom Preference Form and click Manage.


  3. Click Edit for the sample form which has been created for you.


Use the form editor

The form editor functions similarly to email and live content templates in that it uses liquid template logic to give you access to customer data.

You can use standard html form markup to update any extended attribute. The only difference is that instead of a <form> tag, you use a special liquid block called form. 


The form editor preview pane is a fully functional representation of the form end users will interact with. Submitting the form WILL modify attribute values for the user being used for preview.

Here is an example of a resubscribe form.

 {% form %}
<input name="user[unsubscribed]" type="hidden" value="false"/>
<p>You are currently unsubscribed. Click below to resubscribe.</p>
{% endform %}

was_updated variable is available to show a success message.

{% if was_updated %}
Thanks for the update!
{% endif %}

Here's a sample form for users subscribe or unsubscribe based on their current state.

{% if was_updated %}
<p>Thanks for the update!</p>
{% endif %}

{% if user.unsubscribed %}
{% form %}
<input name="user[unsubscribed]" type="hidden" value="false"/>
<p>You are currently unsubscribed. Click below to resubscribe.</p>
{% endform %}
{% else %}
{% form %}
<input name="user[unsubscribed]" type="hidden" value="true"/>
<p>You are currently subscribed. Click below to unsubscribe.</p>
{% endform %}
{% endif %}

Activate the preference form

On the Other settings tab, simply select the form that you want to use and click Save. Once saved, the {{ unsubscribe_link }} will link to the selected form.


Link to form from outside of a campaign email

If you want to link to a preference form directly from one of your websites, then you must first identify the user who the form is intended by attaching the Blueshift user UUID to the form link via the "uid" parameter.

For more information about unsubscribes from emails, see Managing unsubscribes.



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