Campaign Activity Reports in S3

Blueshift allows you to track all the raw campaign actions (sent, delivered, opened, and so on) from your campaigns and see exactly what actions were taken. The campaign activity reports give you lots of valuable information to track and measure the performance of your campaigns. You can review your individual campaign activity reports by each day to track the performance of your campaigns.

Blueshift captures and archives all this campaign activity in your S3 bucket. The data is batched and written to the folder every 5 mins. Note that these are incremental updates.

For details about the data saved, see Campaign Activity attributes and extended attributes.

Location in S3

You can find the campaign activity reports at the following location in your S3 bucket.


EU Region: bsft-prod-euw1-customers

Rest of the world: bsft-customers

path: <site_name>/campaign_activity/<year>/<month>/<day>

For example:

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