Campaign Activity Reports

Blueshift allows you to track all the raw campaign actions (Ex: sent, delivered, opened etc ) from your campaigns and see exactly what actions has been taken. The campaign activity reports give you lots of valuable information to track and measure the performance of your campaigns. You can review your individual campaign activity reports by each day to track the performance of your campaigns. Blueshift captures and archives all this campaign activity (sends, clicks, opens, delivered etc) to your S3 bucket. The data is batched and written to the folder every 5 mins.

You can find the campaign activity reports at the following location on your s3 bucket

bucket: bsft-customers
path: <site_name>/campaign_activity/<year>/<month>/<day>


To note: Blueshift can add new columns in the future, but any new columns will be added at the end.


Sample Data:

Please find some sample data below

trigger_timestamp trigger_type experiment_uuid user_uuid retailer_customer_id email action event extended_attributes trigger_uuid campaign_uuid merged_from_user_uuid creative_uuid uuid execution_key message_uuid
2018-06-21T07:08:18+00:00 EmailTrigger 153811c3-16b5-4ca9-9ba5-6a0e50a606b2 69d56862-049f-405d-b162-ea457fd11ea8 C12345 sent   "{""campaign_exec_term"":""transactional"",""execution_key"":""20180621070805"",""message_uuid"":""8e5b8e0f-9a7a-48ea-9e49-8913ffe20334"",""transaction_uuid"":""3c8eb39f-f0c2-406b-9fdd-2cba76de3fbc""}" 1244a2ad-f23d-4422-85b3-be2954eb11b6 a20a33f7-8e05-4742-bc75-60ffe6da7d2c   c8b47d68-db9b-4d71-b198-9e9f6fa94f98 1e5b8e0f-9a7a-48ea-9e49-8913ffe20334 2018-06-21T07:00:00Z   8e5b8e0f-9a7a-48ea-9e49-8913ffe20334
2018-06-21T07:08:52+00:00 EmailTrigger 153811c3-16b5-4ca9-9ba5-6a0e50a606b2 69d56862-049f-405d-b162-ea457fd11ea8 C12345 delivered   "{""message_uuid"":""8e5b8e0f-9a7a-48ea-9e49-8913ffe20334"", ""transaction_uuid"":""3c8eb39f-f0c2-406b-9fdd-2cba76de3fbc"",""sg_message_id"":""wa8jzQcqSnWUMFlHLKavWA.filter0611p1iad2-11282-5B2B4EE2-9.0""}" 1244a2ad-f23d-4422-85b3-be2954eb11b6 a20a33f7-8e05-4742-bc75-60ffe6da7d2c   c8b47d68-db9b-4d71-b198-9e9f6fa94f98 4293e8a4-d167-47e0-a4cc-883c176824d8  2018-06-21T07:00:00Z 8e5b8e0f-9a7a-48ea-9e49-8913ffe20334 



name description type
trigger_timestamp Time of the action in iso8601 UTC timestamp

Type of the trigger

EmailTrigger: Email channel

PushTrigger: Push channel

SmsTrigger: SMS channel

OnsiteTrigger: Live website channel

WebhookTrigger: Cloud App channel

experiment_uuid Unique identifier of experiment. Even if there is a single template on a trigger, it will generate a unique experiment_uuid. Engagement statistics are aggregated against experiment_uuid for reporting. String
user_uuid unique Blueshift generated user uuid for the user. String
retailer_customer_id customer_id of the customer as passed into Blueshift via API or CRM upload. String
email email identifier of the customer String

User campaign activity action. The action is set to attribution when a goal events gets attributed to a campaign. Possible values:

- sent: Message sent to user

- open: User opened/viewed message

- click: User clicked on the link

- bounce: Hard bounce from ISP

- soft_bounce: Temporary soft bounce from ISP

- delivered: Delivery notification from ESP sendgrid/sparkpost

- attribution: Downstream conversion such as purchase or custom goal based on attribution model configured

- unsubscribed: User clicked unsubscribed

- spam_report: User reported email as Spam

- visit: User session/visit attributed to campaign


The event name for event triggered campaigns or attribution:

  • If the action is sent and was triggered as a part of event triggered campaign or 
  • If action is attribution, the event which got attributed


extended_attributes JSON encoded Metadata for the message - includes  "message_uuid" which uniquely tracks all the user actions to a send. You can also white list custom attributes from your event to be included here. It also includes all the ute parameters. String
trigger_uuid UUID of the Trigger step in the journey (example: Send an email). Each step in a journey has a unique trigger_uuid. The trigger uuid is shown in the Advanced settings at the bottom of the trigger in the campaign creation page. String
campaign_uuid UUID of the Campaign. This corresponds to the UUID of the campaign from the URL. Example: if the campaign url is
the corresponding uuid will be 2df5aa31-3261-4354-8395-53c76a4cec9c
merged_from_user_uuid Old user uuid, if the user was merged to another user String
creative_uuid Template UUID. This corresponds to the UUID of the template from the URL. Example: if the template url is the corresponding uuid will be 4290936f-9223-40d2-8bcf-60ffa7e8d1d7 String
uuid UUID for this action String
execution_key Campaign execution time timestamp
message_uuid UUID of the message sent String
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