Enter information about your organization in the Account Settings > Company Information tab. You can use this information to create your virtual contact card and use it in your SMS campaigns.


You must provide the Time Zone and Currency information. The default time zone is UTC and the default currency is USD.


Virtual contact card

A vCard, also known as a Virtual contact card, is an electronic business card that you can send via MMS messages. The card can contain name and address information, phone numbers, email addresses, and logos.

Once you have created a Virtual contact card, you can share it with your customers via MMS messages as a Virtual contact file. When your customer’s receive this message, they can simply tap the file and save your information in their contacts. Customers can now instantly identify your business. This gives customers the peace of mind to engage with your business over the phone and they are more likely to engage the next time you message or call them.

If you are using multiple sender IDs for your SMS campaigns, you can add a virtual contact card for each sender ID.

To create a Virtual contact card in Blueshift, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Company Information and after you add the information for your company, go to Virtual Contact Card and click Add New.
  2. Add or edit the information for the contact card.
  3. We recommend that you use a 240px x 240px PNG, JPG, or GIF image.


  4. Click Create or Update.


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