Whitelabeling adds a CNAME record for a subdomain that you choose, which masks click and open-tracking links to your domain, rather than a Blueshift domain. When providers processes your email, they will see your domain instead of Blueshift. This increases deliverability, builds trust, and strengthens your brand in your emails.

You can access the Whitelabel Host Name (CNAME) setting from the Account Settings > Other Settings tab.

To use Whitelabeling, complete the following steps:

  1. Setup a CNAME in your DNS provider for your sub-domain (example: links.yourdomain.com) with a CNAME to links.getblueshift.com.
  2. After creating the DNS entry, go to the Other Settings tab under Account Settings and enter the CNAME (example: links.yourdomain.com) in the CNAME field.

Link white labeling is supported at the account level (for all adapters) and at an individual adapter level (which works for email only).

Customize CNAME per adapter for link white labeling

You can customize the CNAME used in email link redirection for each adapter. This change allows you to brand your links and drive better deliverability by aligning the redirection links with the FROM name in email headers.  Often the domain is slightly different than the from domain.

For example, if the From domain is set as example.domain.com and the link domain can be configured as links.example.domain.com.

To setup the CNAME for individual adapters, you must add it when you configure the adapters. If a CNAME is not setup at the adapter level, it will default to the account level CNAME.

If you do not set up Whitelabeling for your account and you do not specify a CNAME when you configure an adapter, the Blueshift domain will be used for link tracking.

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