Export predictive scores

Predictive scores can be exported or syndicated to any 3rd party tools. By exporting the scores, you can create a more targeted segment in a 3rd party tool based on your first party data.

Typical uses cases for predictive scores include:

  • Targeting customers in a retargeting campaign to increase engagement and conversions.
  • Building lookalike audiences to identify, target and acquire new customers who are similar to existing customers/visitors.
  • Suppressing low likelihood customers from expensive retargeting.

Syndicate predictive scores

Create a segment of users based on predictive scores and export (syndicate) these customers to the platform of your choice.

For more information, see Attribute Syndication.

Export predictive segments

When you create a segment of users based on predictive scores, you can export the list of members in the segment by using any of the following methods:

  • Click the Export option in the Segment action menu. When you select this option, you can map the predictive score fields in Blueshift to fields in the external tool that you might be using for analytics.
  • Click the Schedule Report option in the Segment action menu.
  • Export the list of members in a segment when you edit the segment by clicking Export user list


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