With email template versioning, you can effortlessly compare template versions, as well as revert back to previous versions. You can easily access and compare elements such as subject lines, preheaders, tags, shared assets, recommendation blocks, and more across versions. You can also identify versions that were used to send messages to customers.

Each time a change is made to an email template, Blueshift automatically saves the latest version.

Add notes for each version

When you save a template, you can add notes of the updates that were made to each saved version. The change summary that you provide here is displayed on the Properties tab of the template editor.

When you compare two versions, your notes are readily available so that you or your team members can easily understand the changes that were made.

To add a change summary, click the drop-down button next to Save.




Compare versions

To compare the latest version of the template with earlier revisions, click on the version history link at the top of the template. You can also click Compare Versions in the Version section of the Properties tab.


The version history window displays the current template and the previously saved template.

  • The send activity icon next to the template version name indicates that the version was used to send messages to customers. For example, in the following screenshot, versions 2 and 3 of the template were used for sending messages to customers, but versions 1 and 4 were not used.
  • Use the Preview tab to compare the visual content of the templates.
  • Use the Meta Data tab to compare the metadata of the templates.
  • To compare a different version, click the drop-down for Comparing Versions and select the required version.




Restore a version

While comparing versions, click Restore to restore a particular version.

  • The version that you restore is saved as the latest version.
  • A note is added to indicate the version that was restored.


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