Shared assets are an easy way to reuse content across your email templates. Shared assets provide a convenient way to apply consistent content across multiple templates by reusing snippets of code. When you reuse assets such as headers or footers across emails, any changes or updates that you make to the shared asset are automatically applied across all templates that use the asset. You can also include user attributes, recommendation variables, and Liquid logic in shared assets.

Common use-cases for shared assets include:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Product Grids
  • Promotion banners
  • Subject line
  • Rich text

To keep your email code clean, you can combine shared assets by using one shared asset in another shared asset. This is referred to as nesting. The shared asset that is used in another shared asset is called a ‘nested shared asset’.


Contact to enable this feature for your account.

View shared assets

You can view all your shared assets templates by going to Templates > Shared Assets on the left navigation panel.

Blueshift supports three types of shared assets: HTML, Rich text, or Subject & Preheader


When you open a shared asset template you can also see the type and the content. Each shared asset has its own unique tag, which can be used to reference a shared asset from the template. You can also view the list of templates where the shared asset is being used. 


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