Before you use this template in a campaign, you can test it in the following ways:

Note: To test dynamic content in your template that relies on campaign or adapter information, for example, link tracking parameters, you can test send a message from the trigger in the journey builder.

Preview template

A template preview is generated for a specific user. You can visualize how this email  would appear to a user on a mobile device, or a tablet or a desktop. With the ‘Responsive Width’ feature you can customize and test any width with a resizable scrollbar to make sure emails render correctly.


Select user for preview

To select a user for preview, click the user selected and search for a user.

  • You can search for a user by their  attributes or by a segment they are a member of.
  • Use the arrows to select the previous or next user from the search results.
  • The template preview is displayed for the user that you select.


Send a test email

To ensure that your emails are rendering correctly and to preview the personalized content, you can send a test email to multiple users from the Test > Test Send tab of the Email Studio.

Note: Statistics on test send (open, click, and so on) are not tracked.

To send the test email, complete the following steps:

  1. Add the email addresses of the users to whom the test email is to be sent.
  2. For Send using, select the adapter to use.
  3. Click Send. The preview is sent for the selected preview user.


Inbox previews

Blueshift has tied up with Email on Acid to help you preview your emails in popular devices and email clients from right within the Blueshift email studio.

To preview how your email renders in the most popular devices and email clients, run an Inbox test from the Test > Inbox Previews tab of the Email Studio. 


Consider the following points about an inbox test:

  • Each time you click Run to run an inbox test, it is counted as an Inbox test.
  • A single inbox test can include over 100 previews from different devices and email clients.
  • The preview that you see is the email for the selected preview user, the selected entities on the Data tab, and the email adapter selected on the Test Send tab. For example, the recommendation scheme, external fetch, events, transactions, and so on.
  • When you run an inbox test, details are saved and can be viewed from the Audit Trail by clicking the icon next to the test selector. In the Audit Trail, you can check the details of the test, for example, which template version, preview user, recommendation algorithm used, author, and so on.
  • Previously run test results are retained for 90 days and viewing them does not count as a new inbox test.

To run an inbox test, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the the Test > Inbox Previews tab.
  2. Click the gear icon to select the devices and email clients for which you want to run the inbox preview test.

    Note: If you have previously selected the required devices and email clients to run the test on this or any other templates, you don't have to select them again.


  3. Ensure that you have saved any changes to the template before you run the inbox test.
  4. Click Run.

    Note: Each time you click Run, this is counted as an Inbox test run.

  5. The email preview thumbnails are displayed for the selected devices.
  6. If, for some reason, a preview does not load, you can click the Refresh button for that particular preview. In case multiple previews fail to load, you can click the Refresh all errored previews button on the top right.
  7. A compact thumbnail preview is displayed by default. Toggle to see a full and expanded preview.
  8. If you spot any issues with a specific preview, you can click the thumbnail to see a detailed preview.
  9. You can filter the results by using the following criteria:
    • Device Type: Mobile or Desktop.
    • Web Platform: iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows
    • Mode: Dark Mode or Light Mode
    • Device Name. For example, Office 365 IE 10, Windows 7, and so on.
  10. If you have previously run a test on a different version of the same template, you can view the inbox test results for those tests by selecting the inbox test for that version of the template from the drop-down list.


A fresh batch of test credits, based on your contract, are added to your account at the beginning of each month. Tests are shared across all instances in your account. Unused tests are not rolled over to the next month. For more information on pricing and additional test credits, reach out to your Customer Support Manager.

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