Import catalogs using APIs

You can use the Create Catalog API to add a catalog to Blueshift. You can also use the Add items to a catalog API to add items to an existing catalog.


You must include your catalog data in a CSV file before you can import it. For information about data types, catalog attributes, and data formats, see Import catalog data.

Create Catalog API

You can create a new catalog by using the create catalog API end-point.

Inputs “name”: Catalog name (string)
Output On successful create, returns the catalog’s unique identifier.

Sample call


curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"catalog" : {"name" : "ACME Item Catalog"}}' -u <USER API KEY>:

Sample Response


{"catalog_uuid":"<CATALOG UUID>"}

Add Items to a catalog

You can add multiple items to a catalog in batches of 100 items at a time, by using the add items to catalog API end-point.

  • "catalog uuid": Use the catalog uuid as returned from the create a catalog api end-point
  • Array of products
Output On success, returns “ok”.


curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X PUT -u <USER API KEY>:<CATALOG UUID>.json -d '
    "catalog": {
        "products": [
                "brand": "Nike",
                "category": [
                    "Home > Shoes",
                    "Home > Shoes > Running"
                "image": "http://server/path/image.jpg",
                "msrp": "47",
                "price": "37.99",
                "product_id": "189909",
                "availability": "in stock",
                "tags": [
                "title": "Nike Jordan Running Shoes in Blue",
                "web_link": "http://server/path/product.html".
"latitude": "37.792805",
"longitude": "-122.401444",

"location_tag": "Points of Interest > USA > California > San Francisco > San Francisco Downtown"
}, { "brand": "Reebok", "category": [ "Home", "Home > Shoes", "Home > Shoes > Sports" ], "image": "http://server/path/image2.jpg", "msrp": "47", "price": "37.99", "product_id": "189910", "availability": "in stock", "tags": [ "basketball" ], "title": "Reebok Basketball Shoes", "web_link": "http://server/path/product2.html" } ] } }'


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