Specify In-app template data and recommendations

Use the Data tab of the in-app studio to specify additional data that you want to use in your template to customize it for your customers.



From the Configuration Data > Recommendation section, select a recommendation algorithm to automatically suggest products personalized for a customer.


External Fetch

With External Fetch, you can include dynamic content from external servers that is fetched “just in time” before sending a push message. 

Select an external source to include dynamic messages in your in-app messages. You can include one or more external fetch creatives, each of which calls a unique API endpoint. You can then use the content that your API endpoints return in your in-app messages using Liquid. 

For more information, see External Fetch.


View Data 

Click Show Data on the editor to review the JSON of all the data that is available to include in the template. 

Based on the selected recommendation algorithm, you can view the suggested products personalized for a customer. You can also see predictive scores and affinities that are associated with a customer's profile. You can use such values to include or exclude recommendations from the message that your customers receive via the Cloud App channel. Predictive attributes are available under user_metrics.

You can use Liquid merge tags to include the data in the message to enhance personalization for your customers. For more information on how to use Liquid template language to personalize messages for your customers, see Personalization

Preview data

This is not a part of your template and is used for previewing the content in your template. Enter an event JSON, select an event, interest alert, or transactions to automatically load the event JSON. 

Choose an event payload to preview the data that you can use in a push message template. If an event triggered campaign uses the template that you create, then you can use the triggering event's data to personalize the message. When you specify an event payload, you can preview the data that comes back to us when a customer interacts with the push message that was sent.

The push message preview gets customized based on the user that is selected for the preview.


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