Segment Split Testing: Holdout & Test Segments

With Blueshift, you can split any dynamic segment into randomized lists and target different campaign variants at different lists. For instance, you might want to create a holdout group of users who do not receive any message or you might want to test some aspect of the campaign unrelated to a template.

  1. First, set up multiple user lists from a segment. Click "Create lists" from the segment action menu in the segments index.


  2. Create your new list from the segment.


  3. Select the number of lists you want to split this segment into, enter any description as appropriate and allocate the percentage split. The total percentage must add up to 100%. Click Create Lists after you are done.


  4. Once the creation process starts, you will be taken to the page with all your lists. Wait until the list shows “ready” in status to indicate that processing is done.


You can now use this list in other segments. You can combine multiple lists in your segment to include/exclude users depending on their list membership.

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