Use S3 to import data from your site

When you implement Blueshift as your Smart Hub CDP, we need you to send data from your site to our platform. The data that we ingest can be data of your customers, the events that occur on your site (such as user_identify, purchase, add_to_cart etc), the products that you sell, and how the products are cataloged on your site. You can send us the data in multiple ways:

  • To send data from your site, you can use our API.
  • To send data from your mobile apps that your customers use, you can use our Android and iOS SDKs.
  • In addition, you can upload a CSV file with the data on our web app.
  • And, you can also schedule recurring uploads to an S3 bucket. You can either use the bucket that we provide or use your own to upload your site's data.

The articles in this section describe how you can either upload CSV on our web app or set up recurring uploads to an S3 bucket.

To get started, we suggest that you take a look at the CORS configuration document. CORS configuration is required if you want to put data into a bucket or fetch data out of it. We recommend that the data you import from your site is in the .CSV format. The data that you can send is:

We import this data into our system, and you can use this data to run campaigns. 

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