In Blueshift, you can create a segment of users (for example, people who reside in San Francisco) and a segment of transactions (for example, people who purchased an item on your site). When you create a segment on transactions, you use what we call the transaction replay feature.

Let's take a look at the example of creating a basic segment and use the transactions tab in segmentation for filtering and targeting users. Even though this example shows a basic segment, you can use the transaction replay in an advanced segment as well. 

  1. On the segment index page, click + SEGMENT > Create Basic Segment
  2. Give your segment a name. For example, create a segment that targets users who reside in San Francisco, and name it Bay area users
  3. Add the demographic condition to the basic segment. 
    Save the condition. You'll see that the filter condition is added on the right.
  4. Similarly, use the Transactions tab to add another condition. Add a condition to target users who ordered something in the past 25 days. So the segment aims at sending campaign messages to San Francisco users who ordered something from your site in the last 25 days. 
    And then save it so that you can see the condition added to the segment on the right. 
  5. Click on the Refresh button above the conditions to see how many users in the segment you can target.
  6. Now, when you click on the condition again, you can see a star icon on the right that you can use to set this condition as an email target. 
  7. When you click on the star icon, it adds a star to the condition. 

Now, when you use this segment in a campaign trigger, your campaign sends an email to Bay Area users who ordered something on your site in the last 25 days. 


We can use this segment in campaigns and target customers using this transaction. For more information on this, see Transactions in one-time and recurring campaigns

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