Types of Rate limiting


Types of Rate limiting

1. Campaign level rate limiting for one-time/recurring. This limits the messaging rate per campaign which means the rate limit is applied to each one-time/recurring campaign.  You will need to provide the messaging rate and also a segment size threshold over which rate limiting will be applied.  Here are some examples of how this would be applied.  Let’s assume I rate limited it to 250K/hr and a segment size of 100K users

  • One-time campaign A has 50K users in the segment. Rate limiting would not be applied since the segment size is under our setting of 100K
  • Recurring campaign B has 1M users. Rate limiting would be applied
  • One-time campaigns C & D each have 200K users and are scheduled to go out at the same time. rate limiting would be applied to both independently so your total messaging rate becomes 500K/hr


2. Channel level rate limit - We limit the messaging rate to a particular channel (email, push, sms). To enable this, please reach out to support@blueshift.com, specifying a rate.  This would then get applied to sends across one-time/recurring & segment triggered, but not event triggered.  Let’s say your rate limit for sms is 50K/hr. if you have 30 one-time campaigns sending sms, the total messaging rate across all those 30 campaigns will be 50K/hr

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