About Blueshift's iOS SDK

Use our SDK for iOS to integrate your iOS app with our near real-time event processing platform and send rich and personalized notifications to your app's users.

SDK releases

You can take a look at the GitHub release page to get the latest version of our SDK.


Our iOS SDK can:

  • Render push notifications. It supports the following formats:
    • Banners and lock screen notifications
    • Notifications with images and GIFs
    • Notifications with action buttons
    • Notifications with customized landing pages
    • Alerts
  • Send customized data to the app when a user taps a notification.
  • Send a customized JSON to the app.
  • Provide comprehensive statistics such as the number of notifications delivered and viewed, taps on the notifications, orders through the notifications, and revenue generated from campaigns run using push notifications.
  • Track daily uninstalls.
  • Integrate with basic events like authentication, products viewed, products added to cart, checkouts, purchases, and app installs.
  • Easily integrate with your app so that it can send relevant custom events from your app to our platform.
  • Natively send events either in real-time, or in batches to ensure that the battery and network performance is optimal.
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