Override Notification Clicks

Follow the below steps to override the clicks on notifications (Custom & Native) received by Blueshift Android SDK.

Note: Make sure you are firing the 'click' and 'app_open' at the right time to send correct analytics.

1. Override the BlueshiftNotificationEventsActivity.java class

To receive the callback when notification click happens, override the BlueshiftNotificationEventsActivity class and its processAction method.

public class NotificationClicksActivity
extends BlueshiftNotificationEventsActivity {

protected void processAction(String action, Bundle extraBundle) {
// check for actions and implement your version of the
// click-handling here


2. AndroidManifest.xml changes

Register your implementation of the BlueshiftNotificationEventsActivity class inside AndroidManifest.xml as given below.

<activity android:name=".NotificationClicksActivity">
<action android:name="com.blueshift.NOTIFICATION_CLICK_EVENT"/>
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