Template Editor

The email templates page is where you can view / edit your existing email templates or create new email templates.


Access this page by clicking Creatives in the left navigation menu, then Email.


Email Template Types

Blueshift provides two ways to create and edit email templates. On the email templates page, these types are shown as a column next to author.

1. Visual Editor: With the visual editor, you can create and edit email templates using a WYSIWYG editor.

2. HTML Editor: With the HTML Editor, you can create and edit email templates by directly modifying the HTML source code.


Creating Email Templates

To create an email template click on the + Template button in the top right of the email templates page.


 Next: Choose the type of email template (visual or HTML) that you would like to create.


Visual Editor

Following sections provide information on how to use the visual editor to create email templates. 


1. Creating with Visual Editor

If you select the Visual Editor option, you will be taken to a sample template selection page. Here you can choose a sample template from over 170 options, or you can choose one of the basic layout options if you want to design your own template.

You can also search through the different sample templates using the search bar at the top of the page



After your selection, wait for the editor to load and you will see a save modal


Enter a name and subject to save the template (These values can be changed later).

For full details on the visual editor's features, see the "Visual Editor Features" section below.


 2. Editing with Visual Editor

To edit an existing visual email template go to the email templates page and click the [edit] button for the corresponding template row.



 3. Visual Editor Features

To access template settings, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the page.  The settings pane is split into two tabs:

1) General tab

From this tab you can update name, subject, tags, and sample events as well as view the campaigns which use the template.


2) Recommendations

Here you can select an algorithm for product recommendations, and select a preview user / preview segment. The Recommended content JSON block, shows the result of your selected recommendation options.


3) Edit history

Based on the edits that you make to the email template, our platform provides an edit history. You can undo or redo your changes as you update the template. 

You can use the buttons to undo or redo up to 15 latest changes. If you want to roll back your template to a point that's older than 15 last changes, you can click on the history timeline button. The history timeline button provides changes that are older than last 15 ones. For each event in the timeline, you see:

  • An icon to identify the type of content that was changed (such as an image or text)
  • A description of the change
  • The time of the change

When you select an edit in the timeline, our web app's UI highlights the content or row that is tied to the edit. 

HTML Editor

Following sections provide information on how you can use the HTML editor to create email templates. 

1. Creating with HTML Editor

From the email templates page, if you select the [+ template] button then the HTML editor option, you will be taken to the HTML layouts page.


Layouts are starter HTML source code that you can create HTML email templates from. You can either create a layout using the bottom option, or select [create template] after hovering on an existing layout.

Note: creating a layout will take you to the visual editor, but you will not be creating an email template directly. Instead you will be creating a layout which will then show up as an option in the page above. If you want to create a visual email template directly, see the "Creating with Visual Editor" section above.

Once you select a layout you will be taken to the HTML email editor.


Enter a name and subject and click the [save] button in the bottom right to save your new email template. For more details on the full capabilities of the HTML editor, view the HTML editor docs: https://help.blueshift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002708433-Email 

2. Editing Template Content

If you close the template settings right side pane, you will see the editor side pane with content, rows and settings.

This editor pane is used to edit the content and design of your template. In the content tab you will find a variety of block types which you can drag into the template to add content.


If you select an item within the template, you will see a menu of formatting options in the editor and also in the side pane.




The preview pane can be opened by clicking the [Preview] button in the top left of the editor


The preview pane allows you to preview your email template for multiple device sizes. It also will fill in any product recommendations / liquid that you include in your email template. In this example, the preview pane fills in the value for products[0].title and converts it to "Travels with Charley in Search of America"


If your screen is large enough, the preview will open as a side pane. This can be expanded or collapsed using the caret icon at the top of the Preview



On a small screen, the preview will be expanded by default and you will only have the option to open / close the pane



Test Send

You can test send your email template by clicking the [Test Send] button at the top left of the editor. This will open the test send modal.


The test send modal allows you to send out your email to test how your final template will look to a user in a given email client. Select the email(s) you would like to send out your template to.





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