.pem File generation


Development aps

  1. Open keychain access from Mac
  2. Select certificate assistant from keychain access menu and select Request a certificate from certificate authority
  3. Give you email address, and select save to disk and press continue.
  4. Give a name and save it
  5. Login to you apple developer portal
  6. Select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  7. Select All option under Certificate menu
  8. Select plus button on the right top
  9. Select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox) for development certificates and press continue button
  10. Select App ID from the drop down menu and press continue
  11. Again press continue button from the About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) page
  12. Upload your previously created certificate from keychain access under choose file button and press continue
  13. Download the file and press done
  14. Double click on your downloaded file and it will add to your keycahin access
  15. Open your keychain access and right click on your push certificate and choose Export: option and save it as .p12 file
  16. Open terminal in you mac
  17. Move your current directory to the directory where your .p12 file is saved
  18. Execute the command from current directory
    openssl pkcs12 -in BlueShiftPush.p12 -out BlueShiftPush.pem -nodes -clcerts
    where BlueShiftPush.p12 is your saved .p12 file and BlueShiftPush.pem is your destination .pem file.


Production aps

You can follow the same steps done during Development aps, except step 9. You have to select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)

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