Events tracked by SDK

The SDK supports tracking of certain events - App Open, App Install and Notification tracking natively. For these events the application doesn't need to call any method.

Install tracking

This event is called by the SDK to send the referrer details received when the application is installed.

Blueshift.getInstance(context).trackAppInstall(referrerUrl, true);

App open

This event is called automatically when the initialization() method is called if the developer has enabled this feature. By default automatic firing of this event is disabled. To enable it, call the following method on configuration object during initialization.


The developer can manually call this using the following method.


The App Open event can be called with additional parameters using the following method:

HashMap<String, Object> additionalParams = new HashMap<>();
/** fill values inside additionalParams **/

Blueshift.getInstance(context).trackAppOpen(additionalParams, canBatchThisEvent);

Note: In the above two cases, the `app_open` event will be triggered twice as it has already been called inside the SDK (if enabled by dev) 

Notification tracking events

These events enable accurate tracking and statistics around push notifications. If the application uses different framework/methods to render the push notifications, the below methods would need to be implemented to ensure accurate tracking of push notifications.


1. Notification View

Called when a push message is received and a notification is displayed to the user.


2. Notification Click

Called when the user clicks on the notification or any button on the notification.


3. Notification - App Open

Called when a page from the application is opened by the user clicking on the notification.


4. Notification - Dismiss Alert

Called when user clicks on the "dismiss" button of the dialog type notifications.

Blueshift.getInstance(context).trackAlertDismiss(message, false);
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