For an event-triggered campaign, when a customer meets the criteria for a trigger, Blueshift sends a message to the integrated app. The outcome of this send, whether it was successful or unsuccessful, can be exported to a webhook.

  • The status is transmitted only when a customer enters a campaign and qualifies for a trigger.
  • It is sent for each trigger that the customer qualifies for in the campaign.
  • Note that the status serves to indicate only whether the message was successfully sent from Blueshift to the integrated app.

To export the execution status for event triggered campaigns to a webhook, go to the Account Settings > Campaign Activity Export tab and complete the following settings:


Field Description
Event Triggered Campaign Status Notifications

Set to enabled to send execution details for event triggered campaigns.

The data is sent to URL set in the Execution Status Webhook URL field.

Execution Status Webhook URL

Specify the URL to which the execution details for event triggered campaigns must be sent.

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