Webhook adapter for in-app messages

With Blueshift, you can use the in-app studio to create engaging in-app messages and use a service of your choice that sends in-app messages to your customers. Perform the following steps to set up a webhook adapter that connects our platform to the service.


Set up the webhook adapter for in-app messages

  1. In the Blueshift app, click Settings > Channels.
  2. Click on Webhook under Mobile on the Setup Channels page.
  3. Click + ADAPTER on the Adapters page that appears and provide the following details: 
    Alias Name Specify an alias name for this adapter.
    Webhook URL Specify the service's webhook URL. Our platform sends the in-app message payload to this location. 
    Auth Header Specify the service's authentication header.
    Auth Token Specify the service's authentication token.
  4. Click Save.

After you set up the service's webhook adapter, you can use it in the in-app channel of your campaign. Our platform renders the template when the campaign trigger runs and sends the message payload to the service that you set up. The service can send the in-app message to your customers on their mobile device. 

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