Scheduled Push Notification

The Schedule Push Notification feature provides a way to separate campaign execution and display of push notification. This feature enables the marketer to schedule push notifications to show up on the phone at a set time. For ex: The marketer can run the campaign at 5 am and have the push notification displayed at 9am.

How to use this:
First, be sure to upgrade the Android app to use the latest release of the sdk(>=v1.1.3). Then, create a push notification using the custom json option in the Push Studio, associating the template with a campaign.

You'll need to add the following fields to the payload: timestamp_to_display and timestamp_to_expire_display.

timestamp_to_display: When the push message needs to be displayed, if a push message is received after this timestamp and if the push message is still valid, it will be displayed immediately.

timestamp_to_expire_display: If the push message is received later than this timestamp, it will not be displayed.

For any questions related to payload, please contact us at:

  • JSON
  "timestamp_to_display": 1508142900, // epoch timestamp
  "timestamp_to_expire_display": 1510820700, // <optional> epoch timestamp
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