Blueshift's SDKs for Android and iOS allow marketers to integrate their mobile app with Blueshift’s near real-time event processing platform and send personalized rich push notifications to their customers created with Rich Push Studio.

The SDK currently supports the following features:

  1. Native ability to render push notifications. The SDK currently supports the following formats:

    • Banner and lock screen push notifications for Android and iOS
    • Image based push notifications for Android and iOS 10
    • Multi image carousel notifications for Android
    • Interactive GIF notifications for iOS 10
    • Interactive push notifications - Include to call to actions buttons right within your push notifications
    • Alert box notifications for Android and iOS
    • Send rich push notifications with custom landing pages
    • Ability to send custom data to the app when a user clicks the notification
  1. Ability to send custom JSON directly to your app.
  2. Comprehensive Stats on Push Campaigns - Measure deliverability/views, clicks, orders and revenue for push campaigns.
  3. Track daily un-installs.
  4. Simple and ready integration for basic events like Identity, Product View, Add to Cart, Checkout, Purchase, App Install
  5. Easy single method integration to send custom events relevant to your app.
  6. Native support to send to events real-time or in batches to ensure battery and network performance.
  7. Sync sending of batch events with Android Alarm manager to ensure optimal battery and network consumption by your app (Available only for Android


Android SDK: Android SDK setup

iOS SDK: iOS SDK setup

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