Blueshift provides a summary of all users by channel within the Segment dashboard. This summary data is refreshed on a nightly basis, but data within segmentation is near real time. 


We do not update the counts for each individual segment.  You will need to click into the particular segment and click on the 'Calculate counts' button to see the most recent counts. 

Using filters 'contains', 'begins with' and 'ends with' are not performant, and will slow down your segmentation performance.


Users Total unique users (known and unknown) identified by Blueshift
Emailable Any user who has an email associated with their profile and has not unsubscribed or hard bounced or marked spam
Push-Enabled Any user who has ever installed the app is counted as 'push enabled'. For each of these users there must be device_token(s) available
SMS-Enabled  Any user who has a phone number associated with their profile

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