Mobile App Integration

Blueshift provides multiple ways to enable your app to send events to Blueshift servers and receive personalized rich push notifications.

You can integrate your app using any one of the methods below:

  1. Mobile SDK - You can integrate your app with our feature-rich SDK.

  2. Event API - Implement native REST API calls for your app or click-stream sever to send data to Blueshift’s server-side API end-points. Details about the Event API are available here.

  3. 3rd Party Integrations - You can use 3rd Party SDKs like or mParticle to send events.

  4. Deep Link Integrations - You can use Branch to enable deep links and iOS universal links in your marketing emails.


Integrating with the Event API

The section below for details on what events and attributes need to be sent through the API.


  • Event types: identify, pageload, view, add_to_cart, checkout, purchase, search. In addition to these, you may send any other relevant mobile events you want to segment on.
  • User attributes: device_id (include on all events), customer_id (include whenever available), email (for identify events).
  • Product identifier: product_id that matches item identifier from the catalog.

Device identifier

  • The device_id is a unique device identifier. On iOS it would be idfv and Android would be the android id.
  • The device_id attribute should be sent on every event, this helps us track signed-in and signed-out behavior of the user, and connect the two.

Device token

  • The device_token attribute should be sent with the identify event. This attribute helps us get the device token needed for push messaging.

API end-point

  • Events may be sent to Blueshift using the event APIs described here.

Here is a sample event for an “identify” event:

  • cURL
curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '
   "device_type": "ios",
   "device_token": "49244924492449244924492449244924492449244924",
   "device_id": "4444444",
   "email": "",
   "latitude": "212.99333",
   "longitude": "-12.39334"
  }' -u <EVENT_API_KEY>:

Event batching
In order to conserve mobile battery and be network efficient, you may batch events locally, and use the batch events API.

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