Template Reports

For each channel, you can see template statistics by date range, and also download a summary report.


Email Click Report

In order to optimize the layout of your email templates, you might want to know the slots in your email that receive a high share of clicks. Blueshift makes click reports available for all templates from the action menu pull-down. Links to personalized items/products will show up in the report with their variable name. Static links will show up with the URL of the link. 



In addition, it's possible that an email contains the links in multiple places. For example, the link is referenced in the email header, footer, or a button. In such a case, tracking the clicks alone will not provide information on where in the email a user has clicked. To solve this problem, Blueshift provides the link ID feature. When you turn on link IDs, you can see unique clicks to a link using the link ID. 

Note: Link IDs will be generated only after you save your template. So link IDs will work fine for all new templates you create after the feature has been turned on. But it's important to remember that link IDs aren't automatically generated for any template that existed before the feature was turned on. These preexisting links will show up in the click report with link ID = 'unknown'. In order to generate link IDs for preexisting templates, resave the templates.

To enable this feature, contact your CSM or reach out to Blueshift support. For more information on link IDs, go through this document.

Note: Exercise caution when you work on HTML templates with the link ID feature enabled. If you accidentally overwrite the system generated link ID, it can prevent the feature from working as desired.
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