Recurring campaigns also use a segment, similar to one-time campaigns except that they can be automated and sent on a repeating schedule and at a specific time of day. 


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Campaign Settings

  • Automate campaign execution at set time and schedule
  • Receive campaign summary post execution at specified email addresses


Segment Calculation

Segments used in Recurring campaigns will get refreshed/calculated at the specific time as defined in the campaign setting. For larger segments (>1M), please contact your Blueshift Success Manager to turn on our segment pre-compute feature.



  • Birthday promotion
  • Top weekly trending products based on site, user affinity, location, etc.
  • New Product Arrivals in Past Browsed Categories
  • User affinity with personalized promotions
  • Brand Affinity with personalized promotions
  • High/Med/Low Repeat Purchase Scores
  • High/Med/Low Repeat Visit Scores



User Affinity

This targeted campaign is intended for users who have shown a strong browsing & buying preference for specific categories. Blueshift computes user affinities based on behavioral & transactional data, keeping the affinity scores updated in near real-time.


Step 2: Create personalized content via our Recommendations Studio. For this example, you can show new watches by brand, category, etc.

Step 3: Launch Recurring Campaign and repeat on a monthly cadence

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