Blueshift provides several options to execute your campaigns over different channels using your choice of best-in-class providers. To get started navigate to Setup Channels from within your Blueshift app.

  1. Email Setup
  2. Push Notification Setup
  3. SMS Setup

Blueshift supports multiple ESPs including Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Momentum (the on-premise version of Sparkpost) and other SMTP relays.  

ESP setup can happen multiple ways:

1 - If you are using your own Email Service Provider (ESP), enter your ESP credentials
2 - If you are using Blueshift’s ESP sub-account, we will create dedicated domain/subdomain(s) plus IPs and have you whitelabel them in your DNS provider settings.


 3 - Customize CNAME per adapter for link white labeling. 

Follow the instructions for setting the CNAME to track with Blueshift here.

 You can customize the CNAME used in email link redirection per adapter. The change allows you to brand your links and drive better deliverability by aligning the redirection links with the FROM name in email headers.  Often the domain is slightly different then the from domain. From domain and the link domain is configured as

In order to setup the CNAME, go to account adapters and customize the "Whitelabel host name (CNAME)" for the relevant adapter. If a CNAME is not setup at the adapter level, it will default to the account level CNAME.

Example: Domain: is configured to be the redirect.  



4 - Netcore's SMTP Configuration

Netcore is another ESP which can be integrated using SMTP. Go to the SMTP option on setup channel page and give any alias name for this adapter. Enter the username, password and sender address as provided by your Netcore ESP support team. The other fields are as follows.

SMTP Server Address :
SMTP Port : 587
Authentication Type : None
Encryption Type : None


  • After setting up the adapter, validate by sending a test campaign using this adapter.
  • Additionally, setting up this adapter would mean that the ESP will be tracking Delivered, Spam and Bounce data instead of Blueshift. In order to get this data back on Blueshift, you can enable webhook from your Falconide account by following these simple steps - Login Falconide > Settings > API > Webhooks > Global API
    Then, paste the url under Global APIs.

Link Whitelabel

  • Whitelabeling adds a CNAME record for a subdomain that you choose, which masks click and open-tracking links to your domain, rather than a Blueshift domain. This increases deliverability, builds trust, and strengthens your brand in your emails.
  • In order to use that, you should setup a CNAME in your DNS provider for your sub-domain (example: with a CNAME to
  • After creating the DNS entry, head over to Blueshift and enter the CNAME (example: in the CNAME field .
  • Link white labeling is supported at the account level (for all adapters) and at an individual adapter level (which works for email only).
5 - Email Webhook
Blueshift supports email webhooks where you can publish the rendered payload to your own URL (webhook). The message body contains attributes specific to the campaign along with the content attribute which will have the raw html of the message which was generated. 
Here is a sample request to the webhook
  "email": "",
  "subject": "Add to cart event for ",
  "content": "{ 'text': 'Event purchase, user:' }",
  "campaign_name": "Welcome Onboarding Predictive Journey",
  "campaign_uuid": "1b2cd2e8-b89b-4c99-826d-ef45a052e9d9",
  "channel": "email",
  "customer_id": 'C12345',
  "message_uuid": "45590e39-cafc-48fd-b516-39dce2b3c3f1",
  "trigger_uuid": "efecf0cf-8331-46e4-8be7-362d80a3a74e",
  "user_uuid": "1612b490-27d9-4a38-9b9d-255389ce8fb7",
  "experiment_uuid": "1d4c488a-0ffb-42da-a483-9948c0808e21"

We don't use an intermediary and connect directly to APNS and GCM. To setup push, we assume you have an app already.  Thus, all you would need is to enter your app certificates.




3. SMS Setup

We currently support integration with Twilio, Gupshup, and Attentive only. Simply enter your SMS provider's credentials to enable SMS.



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